BarAdr is an initiative of the New South Wales Bar Association to provide solicitors, in-house counsel and members of the public with access to barristers trained and accredited in the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes of mediation, arbitration and expert determination.

In the right hand column you will find the names and contact details of barristers accredited or approved by the Bar Association to provide services as mediators, arbitrators and expert determiners.

BarADR Kits are available in hard copy from The New South Wales Bar Association reception. However the sample agreements can be found in PDF or Word format below.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours to resolve your dispute.


Information about different forms of ADR to help you identify which is most suitable for your dispute.


Accreditation & approval

Information for NSW barristers wishing to become accredited / approved arbitrators, mediators and expert determiners

NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre

Comfortable and modern facilities are available to conduct mediations, arbitrations, references and conferences.

Sample Agreements

BarADR also encourages you to download our sample arbitration, mediation and expert determination agreements. They may be freely used and customised to suit the needs of the parties and the circumstances of the dispute.


Visit our resources page to obtain reports, conference papers and links to relevant legislation.

ADR Committee

The committee's objectives are to monitor, promote and educate barristers and others on various forms of alternative dispute resolution.