Our aims

The New South Wales Bar Association is a voluntary association of practising barristers. Our aims, as expressed in our Constitution, include:

  • to promote the administration of justice;
  • to promote, maintain and improve the interests and standards of local practising barristers;
  • to make recommendations with respect to legislation, law reform, rules of court and the business and procedure of courts;
  • to seek to ensure that the benefits of the administration of justice are reasonably and equally available to all members of the community;
  • to arrange and promote continuing professional development;
  • to promote fair and honourable practice amongst barristers; to suppress, discourage and prevent malpractice and professional misconduct;
  • to inquire into questions as to professional conduct and etiquette of barristers;
  • to confer and cooperate with bodies in Australia or elsewhere representing the profession of the law;
  • to encourage professional, educational, cultural and social relations amongst the members of the Bar Association; and
  • to make donations to charities and such other objects in the public interest as determined from time to time by the Bar Council.