Appointments to committees, working parties, courts and other organisations

Committees: assisting Bar Council
The Bar Association's committees regularly advise and assist the Bar Council in the preparation of detailed submissions regarding draft legislation and current issues in the administration of justice. The expert commentaries of our committees are sought by governments and opposition political parties, as well as parliamentary committees and law reform agencies.

    Our committees & sections

The committees are comprised of Bar Association members, who volunteer for service. Some committees include members of the community in their ranks.

  Alternative Dispute Resolution

  Bar News

  Criminal Law

  Common Law

  Costs and Fees


  Equal Opportunity

  Family Law

  Finance Investment and Audit

  Health, Sport and Recreation

  Human Rights

  Indigenous Barristers Strategy Working Party

  Legal Aid

  New Barristers

  Practice Development

  Professional Conduct Committee 1

  Professional Conduct Committee 2

  Professional Conduct Committee 3

  Professional Conduct Committee 4

  Reading, Education & Training working parties

  Senior Counsel Selection

 Transport, Maritime and Air Law Committee

Professional Indemnity Insurance Working Group
Chair: Garry Rich
Secretary: Kim Kemp


Constitutional & Administrative Law

Convenor: Neil Williams SC
 Secretaries: Stephen Free & Katherine Richardson

Industrial Law
Convenor: John West QC
Secretary: Shane Prince

  Women Barristers' Forum


    Statutory & other appointments

Appointments to other legal professional bodies, such as the Australian Bar Association and the Law Council, as well as educational institutions and statutory bodies.

    Courts & tribunals