Common Law Committee

Andrew Morrison SC (Chair)
Simon Harben SC
Andrew Lidden SC
Robert Sheldon SC
Duncan Graham SC
Lorna McFee
Greg Hickey
William Fitzsimmons
Kim Burke
Eugene Romaniuk
Dominic Priestley
Andrew Stone
Elizabeth Welsh
Luke Morgan
Lesley Whalan
Andrew Oag
Jnana Gumbert

Bar Association Staff Member
Alastair McConnachie

Terms of reference

The Common Law Committee is comprised of barristers with an interest in and practice encompassing all aspects of the common law particularly damages or compensation for personal injuries, from employers' liability, to motor accidents, occupiers' liability, medical and other professional negligence, workers compensation and defamation.

The Committee assists the Association in formulating its position on issues that affect the substantive law and procedure in these areas and, in preparing submissions and correspondence on those issues to government and non-government bodies. It also operates as a vehicle through which the concerns of members practising in the field can be brought to the attention of the Association and through which the Bar Association can be informed.