Court committees and working parties

Commonwealth courts and tribunals


Federal Court of Australia Court User Committee

Malcolm Oakes SC
Richard Cobden SC
Rhonda Henderson

Family Court Case Management Committee

Grahame Richardson SC


State courts and tribunals


Supreme Court Rule Committee

Carol Webster SC
Mark Walsh (Deputy)


Supreme Court Uniform Rules Committee

Carol Webster SC
Mark Walsh (Deputy)


Supreme Court Admiralty Users Group Committee

Gregory Nell SC
Alternative: Alexander Street SC

Michael McHugh SC
Alternative: Edward Cox


Supreme Court ADR Steering Committee

Angela Bowne SC
Mary Walker


Supreme Court Criminal Trial Efficiencies Working Group

Stephen Odgers SC


Supreme Court Commercial List Users Committee

Glenn Miller QC
Stephen Robb QC
John Kelly SC
Noel Hutley SC
Michael Rudge SC
Rodney Smith SC
Todd Alexis SC
Lachlan Gyles SC
Mark Ashhurst
Elizabeth Collins


Supreme Court Common Law Division Civil Users Committee

Peter Deakin QC
Tony Hewitt SC
Lorna McFee


Supreme Court Corporations List User's Group

Malcolm Oakes SC
Robert Newlinds SC
James Thomson
James Johnson


Supreme Court Equity Liaison Group

Robert Newlinds SC
Robert Harper SC
Jane Needham SC
Gregory Sirtes SC
Mark Ashhurst
Miles Condon
Phillipa Ryan
Vanessa Whittaker


Supreme Court Probate User's Group

Michael Willmott SC


Court of Appeal Users Group

John Maconachie QC
David Davies SC
Justin Gleeson SC


Court of Criminal Appeal Crime User Group

Stephen Odgers SC

Land & Environment Court Users Group

Thomas Howard SC


District Court Rule Committee

Paresh Khandhar

District Court Civil Business Committee

Peter Deakin QC
Larry King SC

District Court Criminal Listings Review Committee

Kate Traill


Workers' Compensation Commission Users Group

Elizabeth Wood


Local Court Rule Committee

Warwick Hunt