Equal Opportunity Committee

Trish McDonald SC (Chair)
Kate Eastman SC
Jacqueline Gleeson SC
Virginia Lydiard
Phillipa Gormly
Sally Dowling
Jess Chapman
David Price
Anthony McGrath
Ashok Kumar
Melissa Fisher
Anthony Cheshire
Hakan Sonmez
Penny Thew
Elizabeth Picker
Hilbert Chiu
Sarah Talbert
Adria Poljak

Bar Association Staff Member
Megan Black

Terms of reference

With reference to the Bar Association's EEO policy (as resolved at Bar Council 2 June 1995 and amended 22 June 1995,) to:

  1. Examine EEO issues as they relate to the organisation, structure, practice and procedures of the Bar Association.
  2. Promote and ensure equal opportunity for any person wishing to come to the Bar or at the Bar.


Diversity & Equity Policy
Equitable Briefing Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy