Human Rights Committee

Options paper for a Charter of Human Rights for NSW

The Bar Association supports community consultation regarding a charter of human rights. It asked its Human Rights Committee to draft an options paper >>

    Submissions and papers

The question of enacting a Bill of Rights for Australia can not be brushed aside as unworthy of serious debate.

the Hon Michael McHugh AC QC

    Committee members

Sarah Pritchard SC (Chair)
Richard Lancaster SC
Kate Eastman SC
Philip Hogan
Simeon Beckett
Shane Prince
Julian Gormly
Derek Hand
Reg Graycar
Dale Bampton
Jonathan Clark
Nicholas Broadbent
Trent Glover
Laura Thomas
Amy Munro
Natalie Zerial
Jahan Kalantar
Professor Andrew Byrnes (UNSW)  

Bar Association Staff Member
Roshana Wikramanayake

    Our aims

  1. Monitoring legislation and prospective legislation for its impact on human rights.

  2. Providing opinion to the Council, the Criminal Law Committee and the President on human rights issues.

  3. Deal with such other matters as are referred to it by the Bar Council or the Executive for consideration and report.