Legal Aid Committee

Dean Jordan SC (Chair)
Carolyn Davenport SC
Tim Game SC 
Phillip Boulten SC
Alex Radojev
Neil Jackson
Maria Cinque
Ertunc Ozen
Nicole Carroll
Ian Nash
Sophia Beckett
Pauline David
Clyllyn Sperling

Bar Association Staff Member
Roshana Wikramanayake

Terms of reference

  1. To advise and make recommendations to the Bar Council and its Executive on all aspects of the relationship of the Association and its members to publicly funded legal assistance providers.
  2. To advise the Bar Association membership on issues relating to the provision of legal aid services.
  3. To consider Legal Aid Commission policies and consult with the Commission in the interests of the Association's membership.
  4. To liaise with all Committees of the Association concerned with the provisions and administration of legal aid and other forms of legal assistance.
  5. To advise, and/or prepare, representations to be made on behalf of the Association or individual members in relation to dealings with government and other bodies concerned with the provisions of legally aided services.
  6. To make its best endeavours to obtain a review of the fair remuneration payable to counsel in Legal Aid work, bearing in mind the fact that there has been no increase in some fees payable to Counsel in Legal Aid matters for almost a decade.