Transport, Maritime and Air Law Committee

Gregory Nell SC (chair)
Michael McHugh SC
Peter King
Jay Anderson
Brett Shields
Christopher Ward
John Levingston
Craig Carter
Bridie Nolan
Terry Mehigan
Angus Stewart

Bar Association Staff Member
Megan Black

Terms of Reference

The objectives and functions of the committee are:

  • to monitor developments in maritime, aviation and transportation law and its practice both within New South Wales and also elsewhere, inasmuch as it affects practice within New South Wales;
  • to bring such developments to the attention of the members of the Association, including by the provision of lectures and seminars;
  • to provide a forum within which members of the Association may raise, discuss and consider such developments as well as the need for amendments to or reform of any aspect of maritime, aviation and transportation law; and
  • to provide advice to Bar Council in relation to such matters.