Statistical profile of the New South Wales Bar

Statistical profile of the Bar: 2011-12

Briefing papers comprising detailed statistical information on the composition of the Bar, as at October 2012.
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  All members of the NSW Bar (practising and non-practising)

  All members with a NSW practising certificate

  All holders of NSW practising certificates

Practice areas
The list of practice areas contained in our database was last reviewed in 2010. The rationalised list was developed for consistency and to ensure that the search facility remained a useful searching tool for the use of solicitors and the public looking for a barrister to brief, and in terms of deriving useful statistics.View the October 2011 data >>

Information about the composition, location and other facets of the chambers that comprise the NSW Bar .More about chambers >>

annual reports



Each year, statistics on membership and practising certificates are published in our annual reports

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