Historical information about the Bar Association

A short history

In July 1896 an association of barristers was formed in New South Wales to consider and report upon all matters of current legislation, enunciate and enforce rules of professional discipline and to foster social and professional liaison amongst the members of the Bar. Learn More >>

    Women at the NSW Bar

The years to 1975
It's comparatively commonplace to see women practising as barristers today, but before 1976 in NSW, it was a very different story. Learn more >>

    Other historical information

    Bar Oral History Project

The recorded oral history anecdotes of various retired and practising counsel
Learn more >>

    The Francis Forbes Society

The Francis Forbes Society for Australian Legal History aims to encourage the study and advance the knowledge of the history of Australian law and publish and promote, for the benefit of the public, books, journals, periodicals and other literary publications.