Attendance and satisfactory performance in the Bar Practice Course

The first of the requirements for readers is that they attend all sessions punctually, and perform satisfactorily in the Bar Practice Course.

The course has a duration of one month. Attendance at the course is generally required between 8.30am and 6.30pm. Readers can expect to devote a further few hours in the evening in preparation for the following day. Readers are required to give their complete professional attention to course work.

It is a condition of the reader's practising certificate that the reader will not practice during the period of the course.

In order to meet the requirement of satisfactory performance in the Bar Practice Course, readers must:

  • Attend all sessions in the Bar Practice Course unless exempted or excused by prior arrangement.
  • Satisfactorily present applications before the court for each of the practical sessions.
  • Satisfactorily perform an opening address, examination in chief of a witness, and cross examination of an expert witness in the advocacy sessions.
  • Satisfactorily conduct a series of discrete mini hearings.
  • Satisfactorily conduct conferences with witnesses for the purposes of the final trial.
  • Satisfactorily prepare an advice in a matter set for trial.
  • Satisfactorily prepare and present a case for hearing at the final trial.