Goals of the Bar Practice Course

The goals include to:
  • teach advanced advocacy, mediation, and other barrister skills, and an awareness of special considerations and requirements of different jurisdictions;

  • provide practical insights into life and practice at the New South Wales Bar; and

  • promote a strong spirit of professional support among new members.

Lectures, workshops, court practice sessions and informal discussions address these aims. All methods strive to illuminate the role and responsibilities of barristers, and their place in the community, and in the administration of justice and the maintenance of the rule of law.

The contributions of judges, magistrates, senior counsel, experienced barristers and some professionals from disciplines other than the law make the course an ideal introduction to practice as a new barrister and, for overseas and interstate practitioners starting practice in New South Wales, an effective means of becoming familiar with practice at the New South Wales Bar.

Some of the advocacy exercises performed by readers during the course are presided over by judicial officers and involve witnesses drawn from relevant professional fields.