Registration for the Bar Practice Course

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Registration forms for the Bar Practice Course will be sent to all eligible lawyers once they hold current passes in all three Bar exams.

While the examinee does not need to be admitted as a lawyer in order to attempt the Bar exams, the registrant of the Bar Practice Course does need such qualification in order to apply for a practising certificate and commence the Reading Programme.

The Bar Practice Course must be commenced within ten months of notification of a pass in the first of the exams sat.

When completing the registration form, the registrant will be invited to register for either the Bar Practice Course next following, or the course to be conducted six months after the next following course. For example, a registrant who has achieved the required three current passes following the Bar exams in February 2008 may register for the Bar Practice Course commencing in either May or October of 2008. Of course, the registrant would only be able to enjoy this choice if all three exam passes would still be current at the time of the second in the sequence of the two Bar Practice Courses. Currency of passes may be maintained for ten months.

Acceptance of a place in the Bar Practice Course is deemed to have been confirmed only upon receipt of the 'Registration to attend the NSW Bar Practice Course' form and fee. Registration will require confirmation of admission, details of arranged tutors and chambers, a response to an advocacy experience questionnaire, and a current curriculum vitae.