New South Wales Bar Association Bar Practice Course Policy
[Bar Council resolution 26 July 2012]

Section 56(1)(a) Legal Profession Act 2004

  1. No person shall be accepted into the Bar Practice Course until he or she has passed all three of the Bar Exams, to the standard and according to the requirements as applicable under the current examinations policy of the Bar Council.
  2. Successful examination candidates should be invited to indicate a preference for one or other of the next two courses offered.
  3. The Bar Council may dispense with, or relieve against, compliance with any of the foregoing requirements, in whole or in part, either before or after the occasion for compliance arises.
  4. FURTHER RESOLVED that the Bar Council delegate to the Executive Director the authority to act on behalf of the Bar Council, in consultation with the members of the Bar Council Executive and the Education Committee as he believes appropriate, in respect of the matters noted above.