Civil reading requirements and conditions

Civil reading guidelines

Civil reading verification form

Readers must complete ten days of civil reading within the first six months of their reading programme. 

In order to complete satisfactorily the required civil reading, readers must, at the discretion of counsel, participate as fully as possible in the case, including reading of the brief, discussion of issues, preparation of submissions, interviews with witnesses and court attendance.

Civil reading may be undertaken with a tutor, senior counsel or junior counsel practising in civil law.

On their application for an unconditional practising certificate, all readers are required to provide to the Director, Professional Development verification from counsel with whom they have read of their compliance with the civil reading requirements.

Conditions in practising certificate regarding completion of civil and criminal reading
Readers are required to complete all their civil and criminal reading requirements within six months of issuance of their practising certificate.  Readers should be familiar with the conditions relating to appearance rights prior to completing civil and criminal reading.  Readers should also be familiar with the conditions relating to appearance rights if their civil and criminal reading is not completed within six months.