Requirements in relation to criminal reading

Criminal Reading Guidelines

Criminal Reading Verification Form

In order to complete criminal reading satisfactorily, the reader must, at the discretion of the supervising counsel, participate as fully as possible in the case, including reading of the brief, discussion of issues, preparation of submissions, interviews with witnesses and court attendance(s).

Criminal reading may be undertaken with a tutor, crown prosecutor/public defender, senior counsel or junior counsel practising in criminal law.

On their application for an unconditional practising certificate, all readers are required to provide to the Director, Professional Development verification from counsel with whom they have read in crime, detailing particulars.

These may be made with contacts as listed below:

  1. Crown Prosecutor: contact the Professional Assistant to the Senior Crown Prosecutor, on Ph: (02) 9285 2569.
  2. Crown Prosecutor, Wagga Wagga, can be contacted for criminal reading in Canberra and Southern New South Wales.
  3. Public Defender's Officer, contact: (02) 9268 3111.
  4. Private arrangements can be made with counsel practising in the area of criminal law.
  5. For prosecutions of Customs Act 1901 (Cth) offences (except drug matters) contact the Legal Training Officer, Australian Government Solicitor on (switch) (02) 9581 7777.
  6. Members of the Bar Association Criminal Law Committee, as listed on the web site, may be contacted for criminal reading.