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Information about the work done by the Bar Association in the areas of law reform, access to justice


The Bar Association's publications are designed to keep members up to date with recent developments and provoke discussion and debate on important matters of law, professional conduct and the administration of justice.

In Brief: the Bar Association's news bulletin

Bar News: the journal of the Bar Association

Annual reports

Court Structure, Judges' Titles and Order of Seniority

Guidelines for Barristers on Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants

Litigants appearing without legally qualified representation is an increasing phenomenon.

The second edition of this important resource enables barristers to identify the parameters within which they should work when dealing with self-represented litigants (also known as unrepresented litigants). Learn more >



    Submissions & briefing papers

Both the judicial and executive branches of government seek the advice of the Bar Association regarding Bills and rules of court. The association's committees and working parties make submissions on a wide range of matters. Some of those submissions are published via In Brief.


        Maurice Byers Lecture

In early 2000, Bar Council resolved to establish an annual address in honour of Sir Maurice Byers. In recognition of Sir Maurice's principal areas of work, it was decided to make the focus one of constitutional or public law. Lectures are published each year in Bar News, the journal of the New South Wales Bar Association.